All lowercase, “msea” is a pen name I used back in university for artistic endeavors like poetry and watercolor painting. I suppose it was inspired by this song, which I really liked at the time.

In college I was a DJ, got excellent grades, and was in a garage band that never performed live. 😉

msea could be seen as the “night side” to my daytime persona. Back then I had a brand new Atari PC, which basically did word-processing and games (with a TV as the monitor). That was it. Writing on a word-processor was a big, new thing. Very liberating.

The internet wasn’t invented yet. Nor email. But I could feel the buzz of computing, even then.

So alone in my room, after most everyone had gone to bed, out came msea at the Atari… tapping away things that he could never have imagined would become public.