Big Boy and the Serpent – A Brand New Myth For All Ages

animal-2029792_640Once upon a time there was a boy giant. He lived happily among his giant kin on an enchanted island.

His family and friends called him “Big Boy” because he was exceptionally big, even for giant folk.

One day while out for a walk near the woods, Big Boy spied a poisonous serpent. It was a foul creature, telling Big Boy all sorts of terrible lies.

Big Boy ran back home and fetched a large glass plate cover from the kitchen.

Rushing back to the serpent, Big Boy covered it with the glass so it could do no harm to friends and family on the island.

The serpent became angry and thrashed about. He knew that Big Boy had outdone him.

The serpent wasn’t trapped. It only thought so because of his anger. Had the serpent not been in such a blind rage, he would have noticed a small opening for cutlery at one end of the glass cover. But the serpent was too busy thrashing about to see the open space.

The angry serpent told more lies and made scary threats.

Big Boy didn’t want to hurt the serpent. But when he realized how foul and demented it truly was, he changed his mind. So Big Boy ran home again. This time he fetched his father’s axe from the woodshed. It was a big, giant-sized axe .

When the serpent finally found the opening, Big Boy deftly split its head in two with the axe blade.

One side of the serpent’s head twisted to the left, the other to the right. Even the serpent’s forked tongue was split in two, one tine to the left, the other to the right.

The serpent’s tail kept thrashing in the glass for many hours after because that’s what dead serpents do.

The next day Big Boy walked by the dead serpent and an amazing thing happened.

Out of the serpent’s rent head, right between its empty eyes, a beautiful white trillium flowered.

Big Boy was overjoyed and ran to the water’s edge, cupping buckets of water in his giant-sized hands.

He carried the water to the pure, white flower and sprinkled it gently.

Over time the lone trillium grew into a stunning array of woodland flowers.

And to this day, the giant folk say

This is where Big Boy turned a serpent into a flower.


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