My Strange Dream – The Dark Carnival

I just had a somewhat baffling and disquieting dream. It wasn’t quite nightmare caliber but it certainly wasn’t heavenly. Over the years dreams have become increasingly meaningful to me. They usually connect, sooner or later, in some symbolic way with daytime reality. For me, dreams are often like deep layers to the onion of life. […]


This is a potentially ‘dark’ poem that transforms into something spiritual. I don’t really understand why I wrote it, way back in 1986 or 87 (not sure exactly). But today, I have to admit, it resonates with some of the horrors we see in the news. I’ve written other poems like that. They take a […]

Welcome to my first blog entry!

All lowercase, “msea” is a pen name I used back in university for artistic endeavors like poetry and watercolor painting. I suppose it was inspired by this album, especially the very last song (scroll to 36:02), which I really liked at the time. In college I was a DJ, got excellent grades, and was in […]